Pat's Frightening Tales of the Unexplainable

Never Ending Story (Kids Scary Short Film)

3 нед назад

A little girl is enjoying a bowl of popcorn and a movie, when suddenly she hears a "Tapping" at her window. She gets scared, but works up the courage to ...

Floss - A Vampirina Goes to the Dentist (Kids Short Film)

1 мес назад

A little girl goes to the Dentist office for a check up, but there is something strange about her. Could this little girl be a vampirina, or is she just playing pretend?

Pool Shark Official Trailer

2 год назад

A nice relaxing day at the pool turns into a nightmare for Tyler and his sister, Lisa, when a shark starts to terrorize them. They must find a way to defeat the shark, ...

Doritos Overboard

4 год назад

A sunny summer's day by the pool is suddenly threatened when a Dorito-crazed shark sneaks in for the attack!